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Analyze Every Call

Small samples from each agent just doesn't cut it anymore. They're too easy for reps to brush off and too hard to keep on top of manually. It's time to level up with PlatoAI's smart monitoring for 100% coverage.

Measure What Matters

Your process is part of your competitive edge and you know what's been working for you. PlatoAI adapts to learn your existing process and can help you identify new behaviors that lead to success.

Discover Training Opportunities

Plato identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each individual rep. Giving you clear vision into who needs help and where.

How Plato Works



Plato connects to your calls and listens to how your agents interact with customers and how your supervisors or QA team give feedback.



Plato is built on machine learning and speech technologies that let it learn how to analyze conversations. The more Plato observes the better it gets.



Plato uses what it's learned to analyze every call you send it. Measuring everything from tone of the call, to compliance, to sales language.



Analytics aren't worth much if you can't see the results. Plato generates easy to digest dashboards with the info you want - as soon as it's analyzed.

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